Service Menus

At Borneo Motors, we know how much your commercial vehicle means to your business operations.

To maintain your commercial vehicle in an ever-ready condition, we have a comprehensive range of service menus to help you reduce costly downtime and distressing mechanical failure. You can also be assured of the highest safety specifications with our use of the latest technology and advanced equipment, and our promise to use only genuine parts.

Menu A

For Mileage travelled at 10,000 • 50,000 • 70,000 • 110,000 km

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Menu B

For Mileage travelled at 20,000 • 40,000 • 80,000 • 100,000 km

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Menu C

For Mileage travelled at 30,000 • 90,000 • 150,000 • 210,000 km

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To make a service booking, please call us at 6631 1818.

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