Lexus Hybrid Battery Warranty

Lexus Hybrid Drive has an excellent and proven track record of durability and reliability. To underscore this quality excellence and extend this quality assurance to consumers, Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS), introduces the industry's first Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty (HBEW).

A typical Lexus Hybrid Battery normally comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty of 3 years or 100,000km whichever occurs earlier. With effect from 7th June 2012, BMS provides our customers additional 7 years of Extended Warranty coverage* for the extra motoring protection and a peace of mind throughout the entire ownership of their Hybrid cars.

Transfer of Warranty

HBEW programme is fully transferable as it is pegged to the hybrid car. Regardless of the number of change of ownership, the car’s hybrid battery will remain under warranty for 10 years from its original registration date under BMS. There shall be no restrictions on the number of hybrid battery claims from Year 1 to Year 5 and a maximum limit of 1 hybrid battery replacement within the 5 year interval from Year 6 to Year 10.

* Terms and conditions apply.
Hybrid battery must be serviced, maintained and repaired by Borneo Motors in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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