Lexus Premium Select Plus

Three treatments to pamper your Lexus, your loved ones and you.

Lexus Premium Fresh

Cabin Air Purification

Detoxifies your air-conditioning system to ensure a clean and comfortable cabin environment. This treatment cleanses the air-conditioning ventilation system and works by propagating the cleaning agents to unreachable areas of the vehicle, effectively killing viruses and bacteria upon contact.


Lexus Premium Care

Engine Flush Treatment

Enhances your Lexus engine to peak condition for greater driving pleasure. This treatment consists of an engine flush that removes carbon build-up which reduces compression and performance, while protecting the engine from expensive damage.


LEXUS Premium Protect

Engine Protection Treatment

Ensures your Lexus engine maintains its smoothness and optimizes your driving pleasure. It cares for your engine's life, reduces friction wear and protects engine parts. This treatment will improve your Lexus efficiency and horsepower.


Select any combination of the above treatments and enjoy them at special prices.
This way, you are ensured of your Lexus running optimally with total peace of mind.

Item Special Price
One Item $ 78
Two Items $ 118
Three Items $ 148

Prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

For any Lexus related enquiries, please call 6631 1388.

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