Toyota Body Craft

Craft: A quality work created by hand.

It's not just about repairing. It takes a skilled Toyota Bodycare Specialist to restore your Toyota, the Toyota way.

Be assured of superior restoration work with Toyota Body Craft, as we expect only the best of standards. Our experienced Toyota Bodycare Specialists are equipped with sophisticated tools and equipments. More importantly, we take pride in our craftsmanship.

Peace of Mind

Only high quality waterborne paints are being used and enjoy 20% off when you replace Toyota Genuine Parts with us. To further our dedication, we offer you warranty on parts and paintwork that are purchased under Toyota Body Craft.

Assured Delivery Day

You can now better plan and organise your schedules without the fear of unforeseen situations.

  Toyota Body Craft
(working days)
Retail Price
(with GST)
1 Panel 3 $ 568
2 Panels 4 $ 818
3 Panels 5 $ 968

Complimentary Car Care Services

To ensure that your vehicle is at its best condition on collection, we will like to present you these exclusive services!

Terms and conditions apply.

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