Toyota ProGlitz Plus

Upgrade to ProGlitz Plus for Enhanced Gloss and Durability*

Go one step further with our enhanced ProGlitz Plus. Restore your paintwork with our premium High Solid Clearcoat for enhanced gloss and durability*


  • Enhanced durability and gloss*
  • Retains superior gloss finish for that additional lustre
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance for greater protection against our harsh environment
  • Less exterior polishing is required to maintain your pristine look
  • Fully transferable warranty for enhanced resale value
  • 5 years of warranty for paintwork

Borneo Motors is the 1st in industry to provide you with 5 years paint warranty for your peace of mind!

Warranty Coverage Guide**

  • Cracking or checking
  • Hazing, chalking or fading leading to severe loss of gloss
  • Peeling of topcoat of any of the layers of film included in the refinishing process

Vehicles under warranty would be eligible for a free annual inspection of your paintwork.
Check with any of our Motor Claims Assessor for more information.

*Compared against Medium Solid Clearcoat.
**This only serves as a guide, please refer to our Bodycare Centres at 66-31-1188 for full details.

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